Monday, June 27, 2011

Update for those who still check

There's big, exciting news for you Angelique fans!

After years of failed attempts at hacking and translating the video games, I made my first breakthrough a week ago. Through the magic of trial and error, I was FINALLY able to create a Japanese-English table file that worked.

So, now, I've been working diligently on translating Sweet Ange for Gameboy Color. It may not be my first choice (nor the fans') for which game to translate, but it's the easiest one as it only uses hiragana and katakana. If I can manage to pull off this project, my next goal is to set my sights on the Gameboy Advanced version of Angelique.

At this point it seems silly to try doing the SNES version, and the idea of hacking Playstation games baffles me. I'd need a super-skilled hacker/programmer who knows how to go about handling something like that. Heck, this translation of Sweet Ange I'm doing is probably the worst way to go about doing it, but at least it works. :)

I'll be posting a video later this week to showcase how much has been translated thus far, but, until then, here's a screenshot.

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